Jenny Lockyer / Granny Pearl A Magical Tale of the Sea!


27-Jan-2020 17:46

Spending time with Granny Pearl is always magical with her tales of the sea and we're off to visit her down by the seaside. There’s always been something fishy about her and on a special boat trip around the island with the family, we’ll hear the story of this special granny with a secret…Suitable for young children the performance mixes storytelling, simple crafts, puppets, song and live music to tell the story of Granny Pearl. The show gently explores family relationships and the wonderful things we can find out about each other. Set on a boat trip around an island somewhere off the coast of Britain, the show makes time to explore the wildlife and experiences of the coast with music and activities which evoke the weather, environment and feelings of being in and near the sea.Inspired by Jenny's song, 'Granny Pearl', this show is for anyone who loves the sea, stories and surprises!Adults are seated during the performance - however, you are welcome to bring a cushion if you wish to sit on the ground with your child.

Two performances: 10.30am - 0-2 years / 12pm - all ages


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