25-Jul-2022 17:21

If you feel like something's been holding you back?

Even though inside you've always wanted to get on and do well.

You might have even been calling it bad luck. But has that bad luck running in your family.

Can you see a pattern?Maybe you just can't seem to shake off. Maybe you've had enough of order tragedy that's followed you where you just don't want it for your own kids.

Have you been plagued with troubles in your mind or your life, addiction, rejection, broken relationships, violence, or even chronic disease.Perhaps you feel like you don't belong here.

You don't feel that you fit in. You never have done. You've been like a fly on the wall. Just watching. Observing not really connected to what you've been looking at.

Maybe there has been sudden deaths in your family, of people that are reasonably young and healthy. And you know inside you, that it's was not all random. There is fact is, there more to life. Well, I'll tell you now.

And, you have been right all along, those things are not random.

The good news is that the pattern can be broken. I say that again, it can be broken. If you are tired of fighting the battle that you know you cannot fight in your own strength. And if you're serious about a change.

Then I invite you to join me. on the 12th and 13th of August at Grace Assembly Norbury Southwest London where I'll be speaking more about my testimony and also teaching biblical truths on how you can get set free from whatever prison you are caught up inside of.


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