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02-Jan-2015 16:10

Dear All,Here is a chance to be associated with a property sector that has become the must have for UK and International Property Investors; Student Accommodation. The key thing underpinning the sector’s performance since the start of the financial crisis has been the huge imbalance between the demand from students to have decent accommodation and the supply of property. As an alternative investment to the UK’s more traditional property markets, Student Accommodation has offered investors strong returns over the past 2 years and during this time the sector has seen phenomenal growth.We have just signed a contract to sell approximately 1,000 “Off Plan” Student Accommodation rooms which will be delivered between May 2016 and May 2017.

Prices are extremely competitive most of them starting below £60,000 for these fully furnished units.

See below links to our portfolio:

There are 2 Payment Options:Option 1: Reservation Fee £1,000 Exchange 50% Completion 50%Option 2: Reservation Fee 10% Exchange 90%

The Student Accommodation returns:• Capital Growth of 9% per annum• Assured 10% rental income for 5 years• Purchased on a flexible 2 year payment plan• Invest for under £60,000• Deposit only £1,000• Studio Luxury Apartments• Purchased on a Freehold basis• Fully managed by UK’s leading management company• Exit strategy in place from year 2• 9% Growth forecast this year (source Knight Frank)9% + 10% = 19%Growth forecast Assured rental Total annual returnThis year income for 5 years

Call RE/MAX Property Centre to register your interest so we can confirm availability.

Kind regards

Mark Andersen


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