Croydon Commitment

Charity & Community

Croydon Commitment is a local charity at the forefront of business-community engagement. Established in 2004, it has provided thousands of business volunteers and the resources of Croydon’s flourishing business community to support local projects, schools and voluntary organisations.

Through its Corporate Social Responsibility brokerage service, Croydon Commitment:

Helps businesses to deliver a wealth of support to the community. Thousands of Croydon employees have engaged in coaching workshops, youth training, mentoring, refurbishment projects and environmental assignments. Together with its community partners, Croydon Commitment trhough it's Grassroots Trust Fund aims to provide a legacy of long-term financial support for local causes and projects that have made a significant contribution to the lives of Croydon’s’ residents. Supports a wide variety of worthwhile projects. These have included campaigns to beat knife crime, providing confidence building and employability workshops for the long-term unemployed, services to the homeless, financial support to mental health and domestic violence projects, funding for children‘s education, work with the elderly, environmental initiatives and many other vital programmes that make a positive difference to Croydon Helps to contribute to staff well-being and team morale by offering partners the chance to take part in team fund-raising activities, challenge experiences and special events.

By working with Croydon Commitment, you will be helping your local community, future employees, clients and customers build a thriving and vibrant place to live and work.

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