CAN Why You Should Join

What is Croydon Arts Network?

Croydon Arts Network (CAN) is an independent organisation devoted to celebrating and strengthening Croydon’s vibrant and diverse arts scene. CAN’s mission is to boost the sustainability of the arts in Croydon and raise the borough's arts profile by developing strategy, support and collaboration.


What’s in it for me?

By registering with CAN on the Just Croydon web site you will be able to tag your events as CAN-supported events. You will then benefit from:
- CAN branding, should you wish, increasing your events’ visibility in the public eye;
- your events being publicised online by CAN using various social media;
- the ability to develop your network with other CAN members;
- access to shared CAN knowledge, such as local venue technical specs, advice on staging local events and contact details for local professionals.


Do I have to pay?

Membership of CAN is free for Croydon individuals and organisations involved in the arts.


What size of organisation do you support?

CAN supports organisations of all sizes, from individuals promoting their own services to large local arts venues. It is in all our interests to support each other.


What will you do with my details?

Other CAN members will have access to your contact details to foster collaboration. The details you make public on the Just Croydon website will be seen by the general public.


Any questions?

Please contact the CAN team at