4-week Mindfulness Basics programme


4-week Mindfulness Basics programme
25-Apr-2016 15:15

Do you want to have more focus

Do you want to learn how to manage stress in a better way?

Do you want to be more creative?

Mindfulness provides simple yet powerful methods that train our attention and develop our awareness, enabling us to make wiser choices. Mindfulness Basics is a four-week programme that covers the basics of how to practice formal mindfulness through meditation and ways to bring mindfulness into our daily lives.

If you are curious about mindfulness but have never tried it, or if you have dabbled with it but haven't yet found your way to take it up regularly, or if you have been meditating regularly for less than a year, this programme is for you!

The programme will be held at Croydon College in the evenings of 1, 8, 15 & 22 June. The programme fee includes the four classes, access to a set of recorded meditations (mp3 files) and as much email support as you need during and after the programme. 

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