A Pixel Or Digit?


A Pixel Or Digit?
27-Dec-2014 23:32

Opening Night: Thursday 8th January 5-8pm

9th-22nd January, Monday-Friday 11am-5pm

Croydon School of Art, Parfitt GalleryCollege Rd, Croydon, London CR9 1DX

Kaja Cxzy Andersen (Norway/USA), Siobhan Barr (UK), Ami Clarke (UK), Dries Depoorter (Belgium), Eric Drass (UK), Soraya Fatha (UK), Sarah Hill & Ralph Pritchard (UK), Ashley Holmes (UK), Perce Jerrom (UK), Sophie Jung (UK/Switzerland/Luxembourg), Will Kendrick (UK), Yuki Kishino (Japan/Germany), Kit Keighley (UK), Mario Klingemann (Germany), Matt Pearson (UK), Matthew Plummer-Fernandez (UK), Frederik Vanhoutte (Belgium), Jan Vantomme (Belguim), Sabrina Verhage (Netherlands)

A Pixel Or Digit? questions how digital wireless technology effects how we understand the movement of images today. The Internet or digital spaces have completely altered how we communicate or behave on a weekly basis, furthering our need for a new understanding of arts position in the gap between materials and mediums. Thus questioning both the postmodern notions of the flatness of the screened image and the fragility or finitude of the human being.

Popular current discussions focus on our relation to digital space and its characteristics of immateriality and plasticity. These digital devices allow us to interact within and with the Internet at different levels of speed; and thus different registers or perceptions are made possible.

This exhibition is intended to reveal the mechanics of what is arguably still a fairly new form of communication which carries some unanswered questions, with many altercations and persuasions that can occupy or allude to various different contexts in todays very vocal world wide web.

To coincide with the exhibition there will be:-> Digital publication made up of texts by invited contributors> Series of 'Croydon: A Web Of Things: Animation Workshops' on 10th & 24th January> Artist talks at Croydon School Of Art> Debate with Croydon Tech City on Thursday 22nd January 7pm at Croydon School Of Art

Curated by Alice Cretney & Paul Harrison

With thanks to Arts Council England, Kickstarter backers of 'No Turf Unturned', O2 Think Big, Bryden Johnson, Croydon School of Art and Croydon Tech City

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