Zella Compton / How to be a Girl!


Zella Compton / How to be a Girl!

Presented in association with Theatre Utopia. Darkly comic, ensemble theatre at its finest. This startling, unstoppable comedy will leave you feeling raw. How to be a Girl! looks at the pressures which young women face from the media on a daily basis. Presented as a magazine, with a sneak peak between the covers of How to be a Boy!, this show also tells the story of Lily, of the consequences of too much pressure.

Described as brilliant, terrifying, thought provoking and brutal, How to be a Girl provides “A large slice of satire, washed down with a good dose of humour.” FringeReview Recommended show.

“This play provides a relentless examination of media pressure on young women, it doesn’t let you go.” Bernie Byrnes.

Brought to you by the director / playwright team Helen Jones and Zella Compton. Jones / Compton have worked together on many productions including Genghis, Five Beaches, and School of the Dead. They take emerging talent and push the boundaries of expectation, developing actors confidence, skills and repertoire. This is How to be a Girl's London premiere.


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