Parabolic Theatre Company / Land of Nod


Parabolic Theatre Company / Land of Nod

There has been a stabbing. A young man has been killed and the main suspect is on the run, somewhere in Croydon. The police are holding a press conference that you have been invited to about the progress of their manhunt. The case seems straight-forward, but the motivations are anything but. Something dark and dangerous lurks beneath the surface. Scratch at that surface for long enough, and who knows what horrors may be uncovered.Nod is part treasure hunt, and part theatrical adventure. Join the manhunt for a murderer in this interactive and immersive theatrical experience taking place across central Croydon, and play a part in the resolution of an ancient and horrific crime.

The show runs Thu-Sun nights from 3-20 May 7.30pm start (6.30pm on Sundays)

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