'Happy Heads 3' - A Mental Health Event


14-Feb-2019 13:47
You are invited to our FREE 3rd annual event Happy Heads!


For Mental Health/ physical/spiritual wellbeing



The event explores 7 areas of life to keep/gain balance...


Nutrition, Dreams and Purpose, Creative Outlet, Rest and Selfcare, Exercise, Faith Community and Identity, Friends and Family.


Check out our promo videos and last year's recovery stories for further information:







This event is for adults* and all about promoting positive mental health recovery. It is open to anybody who has/is suffering from mental health problems, carers and those who want to be educated on how to prevent unwellness and how to overcome and maintain brilliant mental health.


We aim to empower, encourage and educate people by celebrating their creative gifts and strengths, rather than being limited by labels or diagnoses.


At this year’s Happy Heads event, there will be:


Snacks and refreshments.

A chance to find out about joining community clubs.

A faith corner for reflection and uplifting, based on guests chosen beliefs.

Networking opportunities to meet new people.

A photo booth for fun with friends and family.

An emotional support team for guests who require any help and support throughout the day.

A pamper room for relaxing treatments - from manicure to massages.

Singing and dance performances.

Live art to inspire, the creative area where people are free to paint, draw and do crafts. Exploring acceptance of who they are.

Exercise classes - from Whoop (dance fitness) and Pound (keep fit using sticks)

Various mental health charities exhibiting, such as Rethink Mental Health, Time To Change and many more.

Motivational talks and recovery stories.


Check out our Facebook Page here, join for regular updates...


https://www.facebook.com/happy heads123


Please come along and learn more than you could possibly imagine, all in 1 day; that's right, 1 day to focus on YOU and YOUR mind!


Please RSVP via this Eventbrite listing.


Hope. Smile. Enjoy.


Happy mind, healthy body, uplifted spirit.


See you there!


Make use of our hashtag and spread the word - #happyheads19


Twitter - https://twitter.com/HappyHeadsMH


* PLEASE NOTE: No children under 16 are allowed, due to presentation content. It is a therapeutic event for Adults and not appropriate for children, many apologies.
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