Paula Varjack / The Cult of K*nzo


Paula Varjack / The Cult of K*nzo

How do high end fashion brands seduce? Why do people crave their products? The Cult of K*NZO lifts the lid on the mysterious power of luxury brands, exploring entitlement and exclusion, desire and territory, in a world where you are who you wear. On November 5 2016, Paula Varjack found herself queuing at 4:00 am, outside of a shopping centre in east London, for the collaboration between the high end designer KENZO and H&M. Five hours later, she and twenty others were given ten minutes to shop a cordoned off section of a store. After paying at a till staffed by cheering applauding sales assistants, she emerged carrying the largest shopping bag she had ever carried, in a complete and total daze. What had just happened? What was it about Kenzo?

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