Ellard & Lech / Döden


Ellard & Lech / Döden


... is a room for fantasies about what we all will face and what nobody knows anything about

... is a moment for thoughts on birth, time and transformation

... is a place to reflect upon beginnings, farewells and the ultimate 

... is a time to remember those who have left us, those who are absent and those who remain 

... is a serene investigation of our shared destiny, our finite nature and the constant mutation of all  

Döden is a participatory experience where the audience, through movement, is invited to examine and meditate upon existential, physical and meta-physical questions regarding life, living, death, dying, their own bodies, its functions and the social context it dwells in.

DÖDEN  was originally produced for Ung Scen Norr, Luleå, Sweden.


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