Republica plus support from Bugeye and Tiger Mimic


30-Aug-2019 05:13

Big South and As The Cro Cro Flies presents Republica, Bugeye and Tiger Mimic.

Formed in the early 90's, Republica have sold over 3 million albums and charting in the top 5 in UK, US and Europe and achieving Platinum Sales Worldwide.

The track Ready To Go went to number one in 18 countries and has been featured in Hollywood movies, TV shows and in international advertising campaigns and Drop Dead Gorgeous was used as the theme to Scream (the Wez Craven horror movie).

With fiery front woman, Saffron, Tim Dorney (keyboard) and Johnny Male (guitar), Republica rode the Britpop wave of female-fronted rock bands like Sleeper, Elastica, Garbage and Lush, injecting it with their self-dubbed "techno-pop, punk rock" sound.

After a long hiatus they started touring again in 2009, with their highly acclaimed EP Christina Obey being released in 2013 and promoted with a sold-out UK tour and selected European festival appearances including the prestigious Isle Of Wight Festival, Norway's Midnattsrocken Festival, The Welsh GB Rally and Hanover's Ferryman Festival in Germany.

Elastica meets Donna Summer down a dark ally is how Bugeye have been described. Selling out shows across the UK, Radio X sessions, major playlisting, Croydon based Bugeye have a have a new album coming out in September with details of their next UK tour about to be announced soon. New Yorkers, Tiger Mimic have been winning the hearts of gig goers and industry in the past 12 months here in London. Currently working with Grammy award winning producer, Matt Lawrence, Tiger Mimic have a new single out in September and an upcoming UK tour.


Price: Standard: GBP 17.75

Artists: Republica, Bugeye, Tiger Mimic

Category: Live Music | Gig

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