Tayo Aluko & Friends / Coleridge-Taylor of Freetown


27-Jan-2020 17:37

In Freetown, George Coleridge-Taylor plans a concert tour to return his deceased relative, renowned composer and one-time Croydon resident Samuel Coleridge-Taylor to prominence. Sierra-Leone’s history and politics threaten to drown out the music, but he persists nonetheless, with optimism.  A work in progress by writer/performer Tayo Aluko, this "undiplomatic musical historical play" with live piano accompaniment by Thomas Kell, imagines how, through the lens of a modern-day relative, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's life can be appreciated from an internationalist perspective.His award-winning play, CALL MR. ROBESON has been performed as far north as the Arctic Circle and as far south as New Zealand, with a performance at New York’s Carnegie Hall in February 2012.Nigerian-born Tayo Aluko is an actor, singer and playwright, based in Liverpool, UK, where he worked previously as an architect.

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