Teatro Vivo / Grimm's Collecting Agency


27-Jan-2020 17:50

Collecting stories is a family business for the Grimms, handed down through the generations - ever since their great great great great grandfathers, those famous brothers, heard the one about Hansel and Gretel.This year GRIMM'S COLLECTING AGENCY will be popping up in Croydon on a mission to assess the state of our divided nation.The Grimms will be collecting stories. Your stories...Is there a legend in your family? Do you have a tale about the street you live in or how you came to Croydon? Perhaps you have a favourite yarn that makes you think differently about the world? Please tell your best stories to the Grimms, who will be roaming your streets from 23rd – 26th March, or if you can’t find them in person you can drop them a line: grimm@teatrovivo.co.ukOn Saturday 28th March the Grimms will be presenting their findings about Croydon, and performing some of their favourite stories that they have collected from the area.

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