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2views Magazine is an online publication that has a focus on 'All age' activities in the Croydon community. Our magazine is run in partnership with Playplace Innov8 and Croydon Council and works very closely with ‘Open House’ magazine. The magazine produces a quarterly print supplement in Open House which is delivered to community spaces in the borough and has a readership of over 22,000.

We not only focuses on young people and adults working together, but on mainstream issues in the community such as events, interviews and interest pieces. We have a dedicated team of 'Young Creative's' who work with us to produce exciting content for our fully interactive website, www.2viewsmag.co.uk

2views Magazine is produced using the support of an experienced publications consultant.  We aim to source interesting and relevant material.  Playplace and 2views try to involve young people on our project as much as possible, giving them creative space and opportunities to express themselves. 

We are a non profit magazine which sits in a non profit organisation and do not charge fees for contributions or publicity. However we do have guidelines we ask our contributors to stick too when working with 2views magazine.  

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