Our First Birthday!


Our First Birthday!
13-Aug-2015 13:41

So we’ve made it to our first birthday and what a fantastic first year it’s been! Since the launch of Just Croydon exactly one year ago, we have thrown ourselves into everything and anything Croydon.

We’ve attended Banksy exhibitions at Rise Gallery, supported the launch of the Fairness Commission, promoted a number of local businesses, partnered with the Croydon Tech City movement and even offered our first ever work experience placement to a local Croydon student.

Our vision for Just Croydon was to offer local people a place to share ideas and promote local activity freely with the aim to encourage greater engagement within the community and I would like to think that we have gone some way to achieving this. We are by no means finished and it will take all of our effort over the next few years to continue to nurture the platform and promote it to the residents of Croydon. We still feel that this is something that can really make a difference to people in the borough and hope that it becomes even more of a success as we enter into our second year.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way and if any of you would like to be involved in any way do please give us a shout. Alternatively pop in and see us in Outspace (above Project B), we’re always grateful of some distraction from our lives sat coding websites!

Chris and Steve - Lads

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