turf projects workshop


10-Sep-2017 10:41

I was involved with Club Soda a few years ago when I attended some of their workshops. I came across TURF Projects , which is the former Club Soda, during the Croydon Heritage Festival this year and visited their studio on Keeley Road. They were very welcoming to anyone visiting their studio and I picked up some information about their activities. 

With the exception of the Croydon Heritage Festival, there are not many opportunities to get involved with cultural or creative activities not just in Croydon but in London as well without paying a lot of money for an expensive course. I was also pleased to read that they encourage people to hold their own workshops. I have been able to take part in the Croydon Heritage Festival last year and this year as well. but it would be nice to take part in something on a more regular basis. I had some ideas for a workshop but I thought that I should at least attend one of their workshops to see how they are run. The book they were reading was 'WE' by Yevgeny Zamytin. I was able to find a copy online. 

It is categorised under Science Fiction, but also under Speculative Fiction. I was also surprised that some members of the group had not actually read the novel. The discussion also veered from the book itself to how the plotline might apply to life in the 21st century as well. I also found the concept similar to The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. 

I enjoyed the Reading Group and was able to put forward an idea for my own workshop. As my timetable at work is a little inflexible it was nice to be able to find  something that fitted in and that was free as well. 

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