Gems of Surrey Street Markets


Gems of Surrey Street Markets
07-Mar-2018 10:03

"Once upon a time a market was born on Surrey Street in Croydon the year 1276.

It started off with only a few stalls in them were a little variety of fruits and vegs. There were not that many market holders who came from different countries or backgrounds.

There was also a small river streaming by on one of the small streets.

Many famous people came to Surrey Street Market like the president, the Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Although there wasn't a wide range of fruit and vegetables and didn't have much culture the market was still running.

Time had passed and over the years the market grew and grew, lots and lots of new stalls were piling in and pouring with fresh new vegetables and fruits. The whole street is now dotted with loads of people who are ready to buy food products from the market holders. As well as fruit and veg, merchandise is now being sold as well like watches, batteries, bulbs etc. which they didn't have back in the 18th century.

There were new faces as well in the market stalls, new market traders had come from different countries and backgrounds to start up their own business with that they bought culture and colour so it became more multicultural.

So a lot has changed over the years but one thing hasn't changed its popularity. Surrey Street Market keeps on making business and it lives happily ever after."

By Miss Neelam Shah

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