Welcome to the Just Croydon Team!


Welcome to the Just Croydon Team!
08-Sep-2014 13:47

We are delighted to announce Laura as the newest member of the Just Croydon team! She will be helping to report on the great things that are happening in and around Croydon and we are excited to begin the growth of the Just Croydon family. But who is Laura?...

A little Introduction...

So, after a miserably failed first attempt, which involved me writing three quarters of my introduction, followed by my laptop doing a spontaneous restart, at which point it was cursed at, and back on my desk. I am now going to attempt this again. Hi to all reading this. My name is Laura, I'm 21, I live/work in Croydon, and I am a mum to a lovely nearly-two years old (but already going through the terrible twos) little boy. From now on, I will be writing all sorts of pieces for JustCroydon, which will of course, be Croydon related (thank you captain obvious).

I have lived in Croydon since the age of 3. I think I've moved about 5 times since then and now. So know the town pretty well. Croydon is a great place to live and work, and like any town we've had our good and bad moments. However, the great things about Croydon continue to grow. Croydon continues to be successful and full of great businesses, determined individuals, and who can forget, we have Bernard the dancing king of Croydon. (If your stuck and not sure who Bernard is, he is the legend that is always somewhere, in some part of Central Croydon, dancing away, music or no music). Look him up on Youtube, he is great.

Right, I think I will leave my little introduction here. So, if there is anything in particular, you would like me to mention or write about, or something Croydon related you would like me to promote that you think shows off our little town well, just send an email over to laura@justcroydon.com or tweet us @justcronx.

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