Sleeptwitch's Cocktail of the Month at Bar Txt


19-May-2015 10:36

After being commisioned by the guys over at Bar Txt to create their new website, we are now proud to announce the addition of a 'Sleeptwitch cocktail of the month' at the bar!

We we asked by the head bartender Jonny what we would like to be offered up in our name. This was a difficult decision for us, as there was a huge conflict of interest about whether it should be rum based or gin based (clearly it should be rum based).

The cocktail does change month by month so everyone will eventually get a cocktail which agrees with their palette ;-)

The best thing about our cocktail of the month is that we get to donate £1 of every drink to the charity of our choice! The charity we chose was the Croydon Commitment.

These guys are doing really good things in the Croydon commnunity which includes coaching workshops, youth training, mentoring, refurbishment projects and environmental assignments. included campaigns to beat knife crime, helping the sufferers of cancer and their families, services to the homeless,

They also support projects which aid in financial support to mental health and domestic violence projects, funding for children‘s education, work with the elderly, environmental initiatives and many other vital programmes.

As you can see they are doing wonders in the Croydon community and deserve everyones full support. Please feel free to click the link above to get more information on them!

And don't forget to get youselves down to Bar Txt to enjoy our tasty cocktail and make your contribution to the community!

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