Soul Symphony Choir


Soul Symphony Choir is a choir that sings music that can be enjoyed by everyone and brings those who love to sing together. Members are from people from all walks of life who present songs that positively impact lives. We sing inspirational songs to uplift and energise your life!  Soul Symphony has raised thousands of pounds through fundraising concerts for charities and causes such as Off the Record – Youth Counselling, The Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation, Fight Hard for Rashard, Afro Caribbean Leukaemia Trust, Mind in Croydon, Macmillan Cancer Support, Lives Not Knives, Jigsaw4u.  The Choir prides itself in supporting its local community through singing at charity centres, in the hospital and in the community generally and are always well received!  Soul Symphony Choir recently won the ‘Croydon Performing Arts Festival’ Mixed Voices and Gospel categories and is looking forward to to hosting their Symphony of Voices concert, 19 July 2015!  

Soul Symphony welcomes people who want to sing and is a great place to enhance confidence, improve singing ability and build friendships.

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