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Croydon Cycling Campaign is the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign, the world's largest urban cycling group.  

We want to see cycling in Croydon become a normal, everyday form of transport that is easy and safe for people of all ages and abilities to use - just as it is in well-developed towns and cities in other countries, such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany (to name but a few). 

As part of the innovative London and nationwide Space4Cycling campaign that took off earlier in 2014, we asked local candidates seeking election to Croydon council to pledge to support our specific "asks" for action in each and every neighbourhood in the borough.  Croydon Labour's Councillor Stuart Collins signed up the party en masse, and we look forward to making real and significant progress over the months and years ahead of the next council elections, in 2018.  

If you want to find out more and get involved, you can find us in a number of different ways:

web at 




Yahoo groups



We meet every month for a drink and a chat, normally the second Monday of each month in The Spread Eagle in Katharine Street, but do check one of the above before setting out, in case of last minute changes.  




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