Croydon Arts Network

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Croydon Arts Network (CAN) is an independent organisation devoted to celebrating and strengthening Croydon’s vibrant and diverse arts landscape. CAN’s vision is to nurture a stable and sustainable arts scene in Croydon to raise the borough’s national profile and bring local people together.To this end, CAN will bring people together, foster collaboration and stimulate productive conversation to inform the development of an arts strategy to serve the borough.

CAN values the vibrancy and diversity of the arts in Croydon and recognises their potential to create understanding, to support social cohesion and to build stronger communities. It is the natural home for those who share its positive vision for the future.

Key areas of activity for CAN include:Communications - Mapping the landscape of the arts in Croydon by setting up a database of organisations and individuals involved in delivering artistic and creative activity and setting up a ‘what’s on’ website.Advocacy - Hearing and harmonizing the many voices of the arts in Croydon through open meetings and other events, giving them greater power together.Networking - Starting a productive conversation to shape the strategic direction of the arts in Croydon.

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