Croydon Radical History Network

Charity & Community

Croydon’s development has been a complex process of social, economic, cultural and political engagement, including consensus, conflict and compromise. It is important to explore this through what is called ‘history from below’, ‘public history’ and 'hidden histories'. Such histories include working people, children, women, the disabled, religious minorities, Welsh, Scots and Irish, and Black, Asian and other ethnic and national minorities. It is important to promote the histories of community, faith, mutual and voluntary activity and their roles in developing democratic participation, political, social and economic inclusion, and community cohesion. The area has also had historical connections across the world.Existing history groups in the Borough undertake very important work in helping people to know about the history of the areas in which they live, and especially the built environment. Not all parts of the Borough are covered by such groups. It is important to see the development of Croydon as a whole, especially from the perspective outlined above.

The Network is not a formal group and consists of people who are interested in the perspective sharing the information they already have from their past and current researches, and encouraging others to begin research aspects which have not been looked at in depth.

The Network ran several talks and films in the 2014 Croydon Heritage Festival.

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