RISE Gallery

Mixed Arts

RISE gallery specialises in contemporary, modern urban contemporary and post war pop art working closely with emerging and established international artists who display exceptional talent, technical skill and intrinsic creativity and with whom we wish to help translate their talent to a global audience.We are committed to nurturing the careers of all our artists by offering professional support and providing the invaluable opportunity for artistic innovation.

RISE aspires to play a key role in London’s creative and cultural landscape.

At RISE gallery, we believe in the life-enhancing value of art and strive to offer the best experience for both our artists and our clients. We are committed to excellence, quality and integrity and work to fulfil all enquiries based on the highest level of personal service.RISE gallery is more than just an art gallery. RISE also is committed to pioneering projects in which art plays a pivotal role in being a catalyst for positive change. Whither that is an area, a group or an individual. RISE is committed to delivering a diverse range of programmes.

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